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Greetings to All Visitors,

 Slotter Heads

 Thank you for your interest in the O’Connor Enterprise’s line of Die Cutting and Corrugated Finishing Equipment.

 For over 28 years, I have been working with customers providing solutions to a wide array of die cutting challenges and needs.  From my beginning as a supplier and designer of Rotary Cutting and Creasing Attachments, I have expanded my knowledge to include designing and manufacturing a line of Rotary and Flat Bed Die Cutting Machines and Rotary Die Making

 O’Connor Enterprises prides itself in the fact that we can supply you with a large variety of die cutting equipment. This includes access to Web-Fed Soft Anvil Rotary Die Cutting Machines, Sheet Fed Soft Anvil Rotary Die Cutting Machines, Steel-to-Steel Rotary Die Cutters and Dies, Roller Presses, and Flat Bed Die Cutters.

O’Connor Enterprise equipment is designed for highly productive, cost effective die cutting of flexible and semi-rigid materials.  Applications include fiberboard, plastic, fiberglass, corrugated paperboard (both sheet stock and single face), carpet, extruded rubber, extruded plastic, and an array of other materials.  New applications are continually being discovered.  If it’s being die cut today, chances are one of our  machines can do it more efficiently.

 In addition to Die Cutters we also handle die cutting pads, rotary blankets, urethane or rubber rollers (ground and un-ground) as well as special molded products.

 We are proud to represent one of the premier suppliers of a complete line of corrugated converting equipment from corrugated belts to the box finishing equipment.  

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Doctor Die Cut.  I look forward to working with you and answering any questions you may have.


Sincerely yours,

Barry J. O’Connor


O’Connor Enterprises

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